About Your Vote is Your Voice

Arizona has a population of 7.2 million people, but only 4.2 million residents are registered to vote, and even less participate in elections. In order to ensure we are truly a government by the people for the people, it is critical to engage those 3 million Arizonans who have not yet registered to vote, and educate and activate registered voters to participate in our democracy through the sacred act of voting.

That’s why ONE Community and ONE Community Foundation launched “Your Vote is Your Voice” to educate and raise awareness.

We believe that no matter who you are, who you love or what you believe, your voice should be heard and counted.

About ONE Community 

Since our inception in 2008, ONE Community has evolved into the member-based coalition of socially responsible businesses, organizations and individuals moving diversity, inclusion, and equality for all Arizonans forward.  We are committed to reshaping Arizona’s image through educating, empowering, and connecting our diverse LGBTQ+ and allied communities on the benefits of inclusion and its direct impact on attracting and retaining top talent and businesses—and thereby, ensuring our state’s economic sustainability.

About ONE Community Foundation

ONE Community Foundation is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and equality for all Arizonans.  We are committed to reshaping Arizona’s image through educating, empowering, and connecting our diverse LGBTQ+ and allied communities on the benefits of respecting, protecting, and celebrating all who live in our great state.

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LGBTQ+ people make up at least 4% of Arizona’s population. There are an estimated 30,550 transgender adults living in Arizona. Phoenix has a higher percentage of gay residents than New York, Chicago, Washington, or Silicon Valley. And all of these population numbers are likely underestimated considering that the United States Census still does not ask direct questions about sexual orientation or gender identity and that it is still not safe for many people to disclose LGBTQ+ identity in states where they are not protected from discrimination. 

Arizona’s statewide non-discrimination law does not include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression as protected classes. Only 10 cities in Arizona–Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, Winslow, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale and Tolleson–include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in their municipal non-discrimination law. This means that based on population, in 50% of our state, it is not illegal to discriminate in housing, or refuse service to anyone who is LGBTQ+ or perceived to be LGBTQ+. Service refusal isn’t just about wedding cakes; this also includes doctors’ offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, and even hospitals. It’s about access to the public sphere.


About Local First Arizona

Founded in 2003, Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization committed to community and economic development throughout the state. Their work connects people, locally-owned businesses, and communities for meaningful actions that build a diverse, inclusive and prosperous Arizona economy, including:

  • Educating consumers about the interconnectedness of the economy -- how and where they spend matters.
  • Training small businesses to be more resilient, while helping our larger partners tell their story as champions of Arizona.
  • Creating programs and events that make it fun and easy to discover local businesses and buy local.
  • Targeting systems of inequity and building prosperity for all Arizonans by proactively identifying comprehensive solutions and taking action.

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